Flender type gearboxes

Flender type gearboxes

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Industrial Helical Gearboxes
Heavy Duty Gear box, Bevel Gearbox, gear speed reducer,Transmission gear units, solid hollow shaft gearbox, helical gears, flender gearbox Industrial Helical, Helical bevel Gear Units
@Type Designation(without motor)

Example: P3SH8-80-A
P: P series helical gear speed reducer
3: No. of stages,1,2,3,4.
S: Output way. S-Solid shaft, H-hollow shaft, D-Hollow shaft with shrink disk.
H: Mounting way, H-Horizontal, M-Horizontal without feet, V-Vertical
8: Model number of gearbox
80: Transimission ratio
A: Design mounting way

fldner gearboxparallel shaft gear reducer gearbox

Sogears type Flender gearboxes provids turbo parallel shafts and integral gear units with electric motors or air motors and some others. With our  precision manufacturing and control standards, each gearbox benefits from a wide applications such as cement, mining, conveyors, water treatment, paper industry etc. We have more than Five years after taking over by Siemens AG, FLENDER AG. The Generator gearboxes can be used for the low-cost production of electricity on board. They are also used with low-speed diesel engines and can be used.

flender gearbox catalogueflender gearbox catalogue

In Flender gearbox description:

they are H series high power industrial gearbox (high power and high torque)
Performance characteristics:
1. HB standard industrial gearbox adopts the structure of the suction box body, large cabinet surface area and large fan, cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear. The advanced grinding process is adopted to make the temperature rise, noise reduction and reliable operation of the whole machine. The sex is improved and the transmission power is increased.
2. The industrial gearbox adopts the universal design scheme to realize the common housing of parallel shaft and orthogonal shaft. The types of parts are reduced and the specifications and models are increased.
3, the gear box has 3 to 26 type specifications, the number of reduction transmission stages is 1 to 4, and the speed ratio is 1.25 to 450.
4. Installation method: base installation, hollow shaft installation, swing base installation, and torque arm installation.
5. Input mode: motor connection flange and shaft input.
6. Output mode: solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with expansion joint, hollow shaft with spline joint, solid shaft with spline joint and solid shaft with flange joint.
7, can be equipped with backstop according to customer requirements. Combined with the R and K series to get a larger speed ratio.

flender gearbox catalogueflender gearbox catalogue

flender gearbox manualflender gearbox manual
technical parameter:
Speed ​​ratio range: H series 1.25 ~ 450, B series 5 ~ 400
Torque range: H series 2 ~ 900 kNm, B series 5.8 ~ 900 kNm
Power range: H series 4 ~ 5000 kW, B series 2.8 ~ 3000kW

@Parameter Range

Power range: Top to 4800KW
Output speed(r/min): 01- 1200
Output Torque(N.M): Top to 952000N.M


Output way:Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disk, splined ,solid shaft etc.
Unique modular design easy for cross country production, low stock, short delivery time.
Bearing: China standard. But SKF, FAG, NSK, TIMKEN, NTN, KOYO, C&U is a aviable if need
Large output torque,smooth startup,high efficiency, long life cycle, horizontally and vertically
High purity alloy steel gear, strong shock resistance, profile ground gears improve the load capacity, cooling performance and noise lowering.

flender gearbox supplier in indiaflender gearbox repair
The seal of output shaft part adopts double oil seal with perfect oil leaking resistance.Reliable sealing and more widely applicable to industry.
High purity alloy steel gear, strong shock resistance, profile ground gears improve the load capacity, cooling and noise lowering performance, stable transmission. Our Compact gearboxes are high-quality gearboxes for standard drives. The electric motor is integrated with the gearbox into a single unit. We are a full-service, all-in-one repair & rebuilding facility that serves your needs for new gearboxes changed to your old Flender Gearbox or who need Repairs & Hard Chrome Plating Services.

Using almost 30 years of combined gear engineering expertise,Sogears pwoer transmission can service, repair and upgrade any gearbox brand including Flender brand. We have decades of experience in the repair of Flender type gearboxes for industrial and maritime customers worldwide. and we have been the fastest, full service, worldwide specialist in flender type gearbox repair of Flender gearboxes.

flender gearbox south africaflender gearbox south africa

@Main Application

•Conveyors & Food Machinery •transportation machinery
• Mixers •Coat & Mining • Poultry Plants • Construction Equipment
• Paper Mills •Recycling Machines • Rotary Feeder • Electricity and energy
•Hoisting, lifting•Harbor & ship building •Cement & material •Electric power& energy
•Coal minerals • Wastewater Treatment•chemical industry •vertical mixing device drivers

@Our Services

1. Have many years of production experience.
2. We are manufacturer, has the independent right to export, price better, can control the quality and delivery time.
3. Professional engineers for your design, drawing, ensure the quality of production if non-standard products.
4. The photos and films of prosuction process will be reported to you.
5. The Warranty period is 12 months. 

siemens flender gearbox manualsiemens flender gearbox manual

siemens flender gearbox manualflender gearbox catalogue

We are Industrial Gearbox Specialists from China, sales of the full range of Gearboxes like Flender. We have Sales staff of all the worlds for a best after sale service. Our gearboxes' dismension is interchanble to Flender, have been used for many years in industrial and maritime applications, for e.g. in the chemical industry, shipbuilding and wind energy market. Stork Gears & for so many tears of decades of experience in the repair of Flender gearboxes for industrial and maritime.  

All the models for this type of ours:
P2SH4 P2SH5 P2SH6 P2SH7 P2SH8 P2SH9 P2SH10 P2SH11 P2SH12 P2SH13 P2SH14 P2SH15 P2SH16 P2SH17 P2SH18
P3SH4 P3SH5 P3SH6 P3SH7 P3SH8 P3SH9 P3SH10 P3SH11 P3SH12 P3SH13 P3SH14 P3SH15 P3SH16 P3SH17 P3SH18
P2HH4 P2HH5 P2HH6 P2HH7 P2HH8 P2HH9 P2HH10 P2HH11 P2HH12 P2HH13 P2HH14 P2HH15 P2HH16 P2HH17 P2HH18
P3HH4 P3HH5 P3HH6 P3HH7 P3HH8 P3HH9 P3HH10 P3HH11 P3HH12 P3HH13 P3HH14 P3HH15 P3SH18

All the models for this type of Flender's:

H1SH3 H1SH5 H1SH7 H1SH9 H1SH11 H1SH13 H1SH15 H1SH17 H1SH19
H2SH4 H2SH5 H2SH6 H2SH7 H2SH8 H2SH9 H2SH10 H2SH11 H2SH12 H2SH13 H2SH14 H2SH15 H2SH16 H2SH17 H2SH18 H2SH19 H2SH20
H3SH5 H3SH6 H3SH7 H3SH8 H3SH9 H3SH10 H3SH11 H3SH12 H3SH13 H3SH14 H3SH15 H3SH16 H3SH17 H3SH18 H3SH19 H3SH20
H4SH7 H4SH8 H4SH9 H4SH10 H4SH11 H4SH12 H4SH13 H4SH14 H4SH15 H4SH16 H4SH17 H4SH18 H4SH19 H4SH20


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