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Are you ready to buy a double shaft motor? A wide variety of three phase dual shaft motor options are available to you

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Double Shaft Motor AC Electric

Dual shaft AC motor with gear box which gives good torque and rpm at lower voltages. double ended shaft electric motor 380V high torque 100kg dc motor dc square gear motor.


Double Shaft Fan/Blower Motor

A DC motor with gear box attached to the shaft, which is mechanically commutated electric motor powered from direct current (DC).Motor with 150 RPM plastic Geared. AC electric dual motor that is designed for marine, automotive, ground support equipment, mining.



This version has a 12V brushed DC motor with long-life carbon brushes combined with a 31.25:1 metal. We stock and have access to all Double Shaft Blower Motors for Bard, Marvair and other brands.

Here Are Many Of DOUBLE SHAFT MOTORWhat You Are Looking For

Here are many low price, high quality double shaft dc motors with worldwide. If you want to buy cheap 150 rpm dual shaft motor, choose 150 rpm dual shaft motor from here. A "double shaft motor" has "two shafts" that exit the motor case. Hollow-shaft motors 1PM6/1PM4 - Industry Support.

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Search & compare all Siemens motors with full technical specification only at Industrial matrix. We have all Siemens electric motors catalog available, General Specifications Horsepower: 20 hp Voltage: 410 volts Phase: 3 RPM: 1755 rpm Frame: 215TZ.

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