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The generator generates a lot of heat when it rotates to generate electricity, and cold air must pass between the stator and the rotor. Therefore, there will be fan blades at one end of the generator. The high-speed fan blades must blow out the cooling air, and there must be some outside A grid-like net (mostly closed in a circle) is the generator windshield, which protects the fan blades to prevent objects from falling on the fan blades.

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Motor fan cover and generator fan cover are collectively referred to as motor fan cover. There are two functions: 1. IP protection level, such as IP54, the first number is to prevent solids from immersing into the case and to prevent people from touching dangerous parts in the case. The windshield is to prevent foreign objects from touching the fan. The second number represents the protective ability of the liquid. 2. Control the air duct. Because the fan is self-cooled, if there is a windshield, the windshield will be blown to the D end along the gap (circumferential distribution) between the windshield and the heat sink, thereby taking away the heat from the heat sink. If there is no windshield, the wind of the fan has no direction, and the heat dissipation effect is extremely poor.

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We are a company producing motor fan cooling series products. After years of development, the company has won the trust of many large fixed customers through high-quality products and excellent services. Many years of production experience is to provide you with good products.
Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the talent-oriented management principle, gathered industry elites, combined advanced foreign information technology, management methods, and corporate operations with the specific reality of domestic companies to provide companies with a full range of solutions.


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We accept all quantities even one piece that we would send for you. There are big stock these brands' parts in our warehouse and one or two pieces is not a problem for us. Of courser, the larger quantity, the better price. We suggest to order as more as possible.
Payment could be Telegraphic Transfer or Paypal Or credit card or even Alipay. We have over 30 years experience on international trade and lots of the payment we can accept. We will send you our accounts once you have make decision on which way will pay us.
Delivery way is by various ways such as by air, or by sea or door to door by courier. For small quantity, we suggest to send by air or by courier because the sea freight agents don't like small weight cargos over 100kg below. Also, the transport time is depends on the way that you choose and we will give you some advice when you have place orders.
We are one of many agents for worldwide famous brands in China and we guarantee all these brand parts that we selling is genuine. There is QR code in the parts and all you could check from the brands' official website.

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