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DC gear motor 100 rpm


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dc gear motor 24v

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Sogears Manufacturing and Engineering has been in operation since 1993, designing and manufacturing long-lasting high torque geared dc motor. High Performance for Any Industry. Quality Assured.
We have the experience of foreign advanced technology, advanced equipment, professional management team and complete the process, but in strict accordance with iso9001/ts16949 regulate production, thus ensuring the quality of each of manufactured products.

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While "reasonable price, prompt delivery time" to establish a good reputation among customers, the company has a number of domestic users and manufacturers to establish a solid relationship between supply and demand. while 90% of the company's products are exported to the united states, germany, japan, italy, malaysia, australia, the middle east and other countries and regions. praised by users. So, If you are interested cooperating with us , we can arrange our customers in your country to send you some samples for your reference or we can send you directly.

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Our high Quality manufacturing systems are an assurance of unfailing performance.Our company adhering to the management objective of quality first, prestige supreme.Our high torque geared dc motor have been designed for both, indoor and outdoor use. They have quiet operation, low-vibration design, and compact dimensions, they perform beyond expectations. These aspects are only enhanced with their multiple mounting options.

How to Select a Right DC Gear Motor ?

1. Know your application requirements.
The first step in selecting a dc gear motor is reviewing your application requirements. These include but are not limited to the following:

General requirements: Envelope size, mounting orientation, mounting type and size, overhung and side loads, and lubrication type.

Input power source: Voltage, frequency (Hz), maximum current (Amps) and control type, if applicable.

Gearmotor specifications: Size, weight, desired noise level, life expectancy and maintenance level.

Gearmotor performance: speed, torque, duty cycle, horsepower, starting and running torque (full load).

Operation environment: dc gear motor with encoder, Application and ambient temperature, and ingress protection (IP) rating.

2. Select the proper dc gear motor.
Next, use your list of application requirements and compare them to the motor specifications of the different types you are interested in such as a universal, brushless or a permanent magnet gearmotor. Because each application has its own unique characteristics and requirements, it is important to note which factor such as horsepower, starting torque or efficiency is most important to your application. During this phase, you may decide that matching a gearbox and motor separately will best suit your needs.

3. Know the speed and torque requirements of the load to be driven.
To ensure your gearmotor is properly sized for your intended application, it's important to know your output speed, for example dc gear motor 100 rpm, starting and running torque. Selecting the proper gearmotor is a matter of matching output speed (RPM) and torque to your application’s needs. The output speed is determined by your machine’s requirements and should be already known. That leaves the starting and running torque to be determined. Keep in mind, when you choose a pre-engineered gearmotor, the manufacturer has done most of the heavy lifting to ensure the motor and gearbox will work seamlessly.

Once you have calculated your starting and running torque, use a manufacturer's performance curve for torque, speed and efficiency to find a motor that matches your needs. Then review potential design limitations including the running (full-load) gearbox torque,input speed, gearbox yield strength, thermal characteristics and duty cycles.

Once you have selected a gearmotor, it is important to run several tests to ensure the motor runs well in a typical operating environment. If the motor becomes unreasonably hot, is too noisy, or appears stressed, repeat the motor selection process or contact the manufacturer.

Taking the time to properly size your gearmotor will help ensure that it will last for years and operate at peak efficiency.

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