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We offer electromotor products. Find out information about Electromotor.Buy low price, high quality electromotor. The electromotor was initially run under normal operating conditions. Our motor performance is stable, the torque is large, the sound is small, and the heat dissipation is good.The motor is sold at home and abroad, with complete product specifications and quality assurance.

We suplying high quality Electromotor products in best price from certified Chinese Electric Motors, Stock of rotor electromotor and we can send the models if need technical drawing. Professional electrical engineering designing company, from small to Large Electromotors, also electromotor drives and control, complete technical solution for servicing industry projects, Rail Vehicles, Oil and Gas, Mining, Cement, Power Generation, Turbo, Hydro Power, Wind and Tidal Energy, Rubber and Plastics, Metallurgy, Sugar, Marine and, Shipbuilding, Recycling and Processing Plants, Machine Tools. All The Essence of Engineering.

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We provide high quality, low price products

AC Electromotors, , Clutch brake Electromotors, Pole changing Electromotors, High voltage Electromotors, Explosion proof Electromotors, Three phase squirrel cage induction electromotors, Marine design electromotors, axis heights from 112 mm to 560 mm, with torque up to 20 000 Nm. Single-phase squirrel cage, range of performances: 40 W - 500 kW, output flanges: IMB 14, IMB 5. high efficiency.

Our motors are used in a wide range of applications such as industrial, agricultural, textile, small instrumentation, automation, dishwashers, stage lights, etc.Disassembling electromotor parts and recycling, extraction of copper recycling.

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Electromotors technique with gearboxes drives

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NER Group have specialised for many years in the manufacture of motors for the exacting service demanded of many projects. Our core business is supplying all kinds of Electromotors for industry companies. Rely on us to be your Electromotors SUPPLIER. Together, we’ll make real what matters most.

There are many different motors here. Low-speed permanent magnet synchronous AC motor, AC geared motor,and so on. The outer casing is made of high-strength alloy die-casting. The flange and the outer casing are machined by automatic CNC machine tool to improve the precision and impact load. The friction is small, the friction generates low temperature and the service life is improved.

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