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An air motor(pneumatic motor) or compressed air engine is a type of motor which does mechanical work by expanding compressed air. Air motors harness the safe, reliable power of compressed air to generate torque and rotational motion. Several different designs are available. You can find pneumatic motor specification here and we can supply you th most efficient air motor, 10 hp pneumatic motor or 
am425 air motor, or even vane air motor.

How do air motors work?

The performance of an air motor is dependent on the inlet pressure. At a constant inlet pressure, air motors exhibit the characteristic linear output torque / speed relationship. However, by simply regulating the air supply, using the techniques of throttling or pressure regulation, the output of an air motor can easily be modified.
Air motor

What is the meaning of air motor in pneumatic system?

A pneumatic motor achieves its maximize performance and extend the life of the components doing the work in a pneumatic system when it is operating as close as possible to its rated speed (50% of the rated idle speed). The energy balance is best in this area, because the compressed air is used efficiently. 
Is this model with pistons? Sure, our standard models are with pistons. do you make other models of air motors? for example with a pick instead of pistons? 
Yes, this could be customeized.With a vane or piston model that has a reduction in the motor main shaft speed.

The pneumatic motor specification

The motor to be used should be selected by starting with the torque needed at a specific spindle speed. In other words, to choose the right motor, you have to know the required speed and torque. Since maximum power is reached at half the motor’s free speed, the motor should be chosen so that the point aimed at is as close as possible to the maximum power of the motor.
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