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Sogears' worm drive gearbox is mainly in Aluminum Alloy, for one worm gear set. 
worm gearbox achieve high speed reduction ratios from
3:1 gearbox to higher, we have th ebest price of worm gear box assembly from manufacturer, for small worm gearbox and big gearbox, worm gears in the housing are made of Tin (Stannum) Bronze, large range of standard & special worm gear set, Right Angle Cast Iron worm gear reducer, Varitron worm gear speed reducer series base on many years of experiences uses designed teeth surface with unsurpassed torque transfer performance.

Worm gear speed reducer

Small worm gearbox

Small worm gearbox

3:1 gearbox

Worm drive gearbox

Worm drive

Worm drive

Worm drive motor

Worm drive motor


Compact worm gearbox

worm gear box assembly

The Characteristics of worm drives

The disadvantage of the worm drive is similar to other gear transmission (geared reducers) that are also forms such as pitting, wear, gluing of the tooth surface and breaking of the worm gear teeth. Among them, pitting and worm gear tooth surface worn are the most common one. and gluing also occurs sometimes. The above defects occurs mainly because the relative worm drive gearbox with motor speed between the meshing flank faces is large, especially in the cylindrical worm drive, the lubrication angle 8 is too small, and the dynamic pressure oil film cannot be formed, so that the transmission efficiency is lowering when the temperature rises.

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We have over 100 the most professional worm drive gearbox technical design engineers to make sure that we can offer the proper solution for uncountable applications. Beside the standard types of worm gear box assembly, we can also offer customized service according to your specific requirements.
We provide all industry enterprises with deep domain knowledge and purpose-built applications designed worm drive gearboxes to meet your requirements.
For the end users, When you need a complete, unified and efficient industry transmission solution, please come to us;
For the traders, when you need a reliable manufacturer with good quality and perfect service, please come to us.

20+ Years of
High Performance for Most of Industries, With Zero backlash Gear to make higher and higher efficiency in order to lower your drive cost.
Fast & Effective
Sogears provides wide range of service offerings for Transmission & Distribution clients. Check out our worm gear reducers that are specially.
Best Industry
Sogears gives the advanced quality worm drive gearbox, worm drive with motor, Improved and extended life, Our service team will design the best worm gear box assembly service.
Cheap Pricing

We have the most rigorous purchase team to keep the highest quality of parts such as bearing, oil seals, screws with both good quality and competitive cost.

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