Epicyclic Gearbox

Components of Epicyclic Gearbox

With various planetary gear ratio, Components of Ring gear, Sun gear, Planet gears, Brake or clutch band, Planet carrier.
Epicyclic Gearbox

The advantages of epicyclic gear train

Higher gear ratio

Epicyclic Gearbox system could be used to secure higher gear ratio in compact space.

Higher transmission efficiency

It gives higher Power transmission efficiency as compared to traditional gearboxes.
 advantages of epicyclic gear train

Higher torque

Epicyclic Gearbox has a higher torque transmission capability and will have lower inertia.

Longer service life

Service life will also be quite good if we compare it with traditional gearboxes service life for similar load.

Epicyclic Gearbox Planetary gear applications

Application examples Epicyclic Gearbox planetary gears.
Hub gearbox systems, Curved stair lifts, Automated
guided vehicles (AGV), High ratio gearbox systems
for valve adjustments, Tracking drive for mirror reflectors, 
Conveyor systems, Machine construction, Underwater
unwinding systems for swimming pools, Industrial dough mixer etc.
Our Epicyclic Gearbox drive solutions have set standards for numerous applications.

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Epicyclic Gearbox, which can supply a lot of speed reduction and torque in a small compact package, have operating characteristics beyond those of fixed-axis gear trains. Contact us now, we will give you the best quotation with the suite engineering solution

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