Cycloidal drive

Cycloidal drive

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Comparing Cycloidal and Planetary Gearboxes, cycloidal is competitive cots but much high torque. although they usually used in light industry. Tooth modification and dynamic performance of the cycloidal is a lot more useful. There is also one kind of cycloid gear, known as a harmonic drive, that works. It has a point of contact on opposite sides of the housing at the same. Cycloidal pinwheel drive (cheap price, large amount of use)

cycloidal drive gearbox cycloidal drive gearbox

Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer product description:

The X/B cycloidal pinwheel drive is a kind of machine that realizes deceleration according to the principle of less tooth difference planetary transmission and cycloidal pin gear meshing. The machine is divided into horizontal, vertical, double-axis and direct-coupled assembly methods, which are ideal equipment for metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, textile, light industry and other industries.

cycloidal drive gearboxsumitomo gearbox,

sumitomo gearbox,sumitomo gearbox,

Cycloidal Speed Reducers Performance characteristics:

1. The cycloid drive has a large reduction ratio and high efficiency: the first-stage transmission reduction ratio is 9~87, the double-stage transmission reduction ratio is 121~5133, the multi-stage combination can reach tens of thousands, and the pin-tooth meshing-type rolling friction The meshing surface has no relative sliding, so the first-stage deceleration efficiency is 94%.

2. The needle wheel drive runs smoothly and has low noise: the number of pairs of teeth that are in contact at the same time during operation is large, the degree of coincidence is large, the operation is stable, the overload capability is strong, the vibration and noise are low, and the noise of various specifications is small.

3, reliable use, long life: because the main parts are made of high carbon alloy steel quenching treatment (HRC58-62), and then refined, and the cycloidal teeth and the pin gear sleeve meshed to the teeth to form rolling friction, friction The coefficient is small, so that the meshing zone has no relative sliding and the wear is extremely small, so it is durable.

4. Compact structure and small volume: Compared with other drives of the same power, the weight is smaller than 1/3. Because it is a planetary transmission, the input shaft and the output shaft are on the same axis to obtain the smallest possible size.

Cycloidal drive has high contact ratios, nearly 50% of the cycloid disc teeth are meshing with pins simultaneously in theory. The cycloidal speed reducer, or cycloid drive, is an epicyclic gear train in which the profile of the planet gear is an epitrochoid and the annular sun gear has more gears to ma ethe ratios.
sumitomo drivesumitomo drive

sumitomo drivesumitomo drive

technical parameter:

Power: 0.37KW ~ 55KW

Torque: 150N·m~20000N·m

Transmission ratio: single stage: 9-87 two levels: 121-7569 three levels: 2057-658503

The main models of XB series cycloid drive are:

Level 3: Can be combined according to customer needs. Suitable for low power, large speed ratio, high torque industry (such as air flotation scraper, etc.)

cycloidal drive gearboxcycloidal drive price

X Planetary Cycloid Reducer Model:

    Single-stage horizontal double-axis XW cycloidal speed reducer: XW0, XW1, XW2, XW3, XW4, XW5, XW6, XW7, XW8, XW9, XW10, XW11, XW12

    Single-stage horizontal type XWK cycloid reducer: XWK1, XWK2, XWK3, XWK4, XWK5, XWK6, XWK7, XWK8, XWK9, XWK10, XWK11, XWK12

    Single-stage horizontal direct-coupled XWD cycloid reducer: XWD1, XWD2, XWD3, XWD4, XWD5, XWD6, XWD7, XWD8, XWD9, XWD10, XWD11, XWD12

    Single-stage vertical twin-axis XL cycloid reducer: XL0, XL1, XL2, XL3, XL4, XL5, XL6, XL7, XL8, XL9, XL10, XL11, XL12

    Single-stage vertical type XLK cycloid reducer: XLK1, XLK2, XLK3, XLK4, XLK5, XLK6, XLK7, XLK8, XLK9, XLK10, XLK11, XLK12

    Single-stage vertical direct-coupled XLD cycloidal speed reducer: XLD1, XLD2, XLD3, XLD4, XLD5, XLD6, XLD7, XLD8, XLD9, XLD10, XLD11, XLD12

    Two-stage horizontal double-axis XWE cycloid reducer: XWE20, XWE32, XWE42, XWE53, XWE63, XWE74, XWE84, XWE85, XWE95, XWE106, XWE128

    Two-stage horizontal type XWEK cycloid reducer: XWEK20, XWEK32, XWEK42, XWEK53, XWEK63, XWEK74, XWEK84, XWEK85, XWEK95, XWEK106, XWEK128

    Two-stage horizontal direct-coupled XWED cycloid reducer: XWED20, XWED32, XWED42, XWED53, XWED63, XWED74, XWED84, XWED85, XWED95, XWED106, XWED128

    Two-stage vertical dual-axis XLE cycloid reducer: XLE20, XLE32, XLE42, XLE53, XLE63, XLE74, XLE84, XLE85, XLE95, XLE106, XLE128

    Two-stage vertical XLEK cycloid reducer: XLEK20, XLEK32, XLEK42, XLEK53, XLEK63, XLEK74, XLEK84, XLEK85, XLEK95, XLEK106, XLEK128

    Two-stage vertical direct-coupled XLED cycloid reducer: XLED20, XLED32, XLED42, XLED53, XLED63, XLED74, XLEDK84, XLED85, XLED95, XLED106, XLED128

    Three-stage horizontal double-axis XWS cycloid reducer: XWS420, XWS742, XWS953, XWS1063, XWS1174, XWS1285

    Three-stage horizontal type XWSK cycloid reducer: XWSK420, XWSK742, XWSK953, XWSK1063, XWSK1174, XWSK1285

    Three-stage horizontal direct-coupled XWSD cycloidal speed reducer: XWSD420, XWSD742, XWSD953, XWSD1063, XWSD1174, XWSD1285

    Three-stage vertical twin-axis XLS cycloid reducer: XLS420, XLS7420, XLS953, XLS1063, XLS1174, XLS1285

    Three-stage vertical type XLSK cycloid reducer: XLSK420, XLSK742, XLSK953, XLSK1063, XLSK1174, XLSK1285

    Three-stage vertical direct-coupled XLSD cycloid reducer: XLSD420, XLSD742, XLSD953, XLSD1063, XLSD1174, XLSD1285

sumitomo drivecycloidal drive gearbox

cycloidal drive gearboxcycloidal drive gearbox

Cycloid Drives With Machining Tolerances which is very small , cycloidal gearbox for a lightweight & compact direct drive extruder. To choose a cycloidal drive system (gearbox ratio probably between 36:1, contact sogears. 

The cycloid drive is the most common type of machinery in today. It consists of a transmission shaft, a bearing, a gear set, a casing and a sealing ring. It is internally lubricated with mechanical lubricating oil. It has a simple structure and is widely used in various types of motors. Output torque is an integral part of the mechanical power system.

Because the cycloid drive is indispensable in the production of the enterprise, daily maintenance is very important. Now the cycloid drive technology is very mature, and the structure is simple and reliable. As long as the proper maintenance method is mastered, it can be guaranteed. Basically no problem, let's share with you the daily maintenance of the cycloid drive.

1. The X planetary cycloid drive can be used in continuous working mode, while allowing both forward and reverse directions.

     2. The rated speed of the input shaft is 1500 rpm, and 1000 rpm is used when the power is greater than 18.5 kW.

     3. The working position of the XWE.XWED cycloid drive is horizontal. Large tilt angles are typically less than 15° when used obliquely. Other measures should be taken to ensure adequate lubrication and prevent oil leakage when it exceeds 15°.

     4. The output shaft of the drive cannot be subjected to large axial and radial forces. Other measures must be taken when there are large axial and radial forces.

cycloidal drive gearboxcycloidal drive gearbox


23 January 2015


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